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अहसान सोशल फाउंडेशन की ओर से दिनांक २६ मार्च से प्रतिदिन राहत सामग्री का वितरण किया जा रहा है। राहत सामाग्री पैकेट में दिया जा रहा है। हर एक पैकेट में आटा , चावल,दाल ,सरसो का तेल , नमक आदि दिया जा रहा है। अगर आप हमारी मदद करना चाहते है तो कृपया करके डोनेट करे।


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We Need Your Help

God has a special concern and care for those in need. History teaches that if we really love God, than we should be helping, serving, and giving to the poor.

Education for everyone

Ahsan Social Foundation promotes education after intermediate, like Bed,BPEd Technical, Polytechnic, Business Education. We all know the value of these courses. A student becomes self-dependence after doing any of the given courses.

Women Empowerment

Ahsan social Foundation goal is to train poor girls and boys so that they could become self-dependent. Our free training program helps them to get employment.

Healthcare Program

Health is wealth this is a universal truth. Ahsan Social Foundation knows what is the importance of sports in our life health point of view. Playing sports can make you healthier and happier because of the physical activity involved.

How To Help Us

Ahsan Social Foundation ultimately a visionary foundation, founded to help humanity. We want to make a chain of people who want to dedicate their lives to social service.

Send Donation

Donation is a financial contribution given by a person/company to Ahsan Social foundation. We use the coming fund for needed people with transparency.

Become Volunteer

Becoming a Volunteer of Ahsan Social Foundation is a unique opportunity to enrich the personal and professional experience, and it benefits both the individual volunteer and society at large.

Share Media

Social media is a new trend to connect people and the largest message spreading option more than any other medium. Share our work, plan that may really help someone else who needs it.

We Help Many People

Want to Become a Volunteer

TBecome Ahsan Social foundation volunteer and be a part of an activity where work are done for humanity .


Our Volunteers Says

Our volunteer build better family life together. We thank our volunteer who made our foundation in a position where people are getting help and protection.

I joined Ahsan Social Foundation because I believe families form the infrastructure of society, and that there are many challenging and complicated issues to be dealt with by both children and adults.

Santosh Sonkar

The reason I choose to as a volunteer for Ahsan Social Foundation was that I had the time and energy to be able to give to something that I could choose to do.

Rakesh Sharma
Private - Sector

I knew that when I retired I would like to spend some of my extra time helping others in a voluntary capacity. I went on to the 'Ahsan Social Foundation ' website and had a good look around what was available.

Deepak Rajbhar

Having reached a certain point in my personal life - being married and with time to give - I wanted to share something of myself which might bring benefit to someone else.

Pritam Gupta

Our Gallery

Ahsan Social Foundation is aggressively working to provide help in society. Our photo gallery is a glimpse of our small contribution.

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.